Meditation in Flow

There are multiple ways of knowing.  Ellen realizes that by knowing the inner path in the physical body we can experience the light and power within, thus effecting a change without. ©Meditation in Flow represents this illumination.

The meditation workshop involves choreography based on the principles of kinesiology and incorporates the benefits of breath work. This combination of physical, mental and emotional activity helps to focus the mind and is conducive to experiencing the energy flow at all levels. The choreography is set to music which reflects sacred sites and rituals of bygone ages of America’s Native peoples and embodies the musical styles characteristics of the Incas, Maya, and Aztec peoples. Music, by its very nature, is key to the mind, body, and spirit link.

Participate in this circular dance to transcend ordinary reality and be caught up in flowing energy.

I engage you in sacred play thereby creating an opportunity for you to discover your gifts and write a new narrative.

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