Incredible You: A Healing Journey Through the Arts

BE your authentic self.

The time is now.

Trust as you engage in a medley of

art activities to reveal your potential.

Give voice to all that you are.

Celebrate your healing journey.

Believe in yourself.

An Artistic Link: Eye to Hand

Week 1. A drawing activity that connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Expressions in Clay

Week 2. Using the sense of touch, create an object always keeping in mind the following thought, “What am I looking for?” Write a poem describing your feelings.

Week 3. With eyes shut, use your senses to create another object. What do you think that the object reveals?


Week 4. Group discussions. What have you discovered/learned about yourself?

I engage you in sacred play thereby creating an opportunity for you to discover your gifts and write a new narrative.

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