Gratitude Boards, Creating Pet Animals & Rhythm Improvisation

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I am grateful to Freedom’s Door for giving me the opportunity to facilitate a medley of art activities in Kelowna.

Objective: Create a Gratitude Board.

Objective: Create a pet animal using a minimum of four images from the Telus animal/bird calendar​

Rhythm Improvisation

Watch the video below for a closer look at some of our recent activities. 

If you are interested in learning more about Freedom’s Door and art programs I am currently involved in, please contact me.

Ellen Ehlers Ph.D.

1 thought on “Gratitude Boards, Creating Pet Animals & Rhythm Improvisation”

  1. This is a wonderful display of the humanity of souls seeking strength, beauty, and peace. The artwork of these individuals shows us that people are much more than their addictions, and have much to share with the world. Their expressions show us that the self is far more vast than we may think. Self is beyond thought, physical limitation, and circumstances … and yet right here with us, always available, if we choose to believe and honour it.

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