It's Never Too Late To Change Your Story

Realize that the key to live to your potential is inside you. Know that all forms of creative and artistic experience provide a testing ground for values, personal growth and change, leading to transformation of the self.

Image: ESB Professional


Dance / Movement



Playback Theatre
Role Reversal


Feeling Sounds
Dancing Words

Visual Arts

Journaling, Drawing,
Collage, Clay Art


Honours BA

Cultural Studies in Fine Arts




Curriculum Development, Holistic Education

The Only Obstacle We Have Is Ourselves;

That Is, Fear Of The Unknown.

The expressive arts are an unobtrusive way to work through emotions deep within one’s body and yet retain conscious control of the choices.

Feeling Stuck?

Embrace the feeling.
Connect with your Subconscious Mind.
Enact the poem ©Childhood.
Change your story with a Gratitude Board.
Feel sounds in your body.
Listen to your voice.
Play with colouring.

Listen To Your Heart.

Follow Your Soul Path.

Explore © Fluid Mindscapes.

Movement is the language of the brain.

— Anat Baniel

Much has been written about the plasticity of the brain also known as neuroplasticity. But, what does that mean? It is the ability of the brain to adapt and alter itself as a result of changes within the body or in the external environment. It has the ability to rewire itself by creating new neurological pathways.

Discover your truth as you immerse yourself in the arts.

Ellen Ehlers

About Me

As an arts-based catalyst, my background includes academic research and personal experiences in and with the arts.  To this end, I will facilitate change as we work together to create the opportunity for you to discover your gifts and write a new narrative.

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